Adrian Regal IV, known also as Adrian the Rash or the Red Royal, was the previous King of Selathon and father of current reigning monarch, Damian the First. A man of honour but also quick to anger, Adrian would bring the country of Selathon to war against the neighbouring nation of Rigdon in a conflict that would later be known as the War of Red Rigdon. Adrian is often regarded as a somewhat incompetent ruler, the only thing of note he accomplished being the war that ended in his death, and the death of two of his children.

Adrian fathered seven children: Crown Prince Malcolm, Prince Phineas, Princess Louise, Princess Merrigold, King Damian, Princess Penelope and Princess Victoria. Characterised for his balding head but overly-bushy beard, Adrian had taken his two oldest sons and his youngest daughter, (who had just turned sixteen and therefore fit to wed,) on a diplomatic mission to Rigdon. Staying at Erringshall, Adrian met with King Alexander VII of Rigdon, drank with him and generally had a good time. However, Alexander's younger brother, Benedict, was busy wooing Adrian's daughter.

Waking up the next morning, Adrian found his daughter deflowered, and discovered this via Prince Benedict hanging the sheets out of the window as a demonstration. Enraged by this mockery of his daughter's decency, Adrian immediately left in a red rage, this event being named the Err at Erringshall, as it would serve as the catalyst that would bring Adrian to war. Adrian's eldest sons would serve as soldiers in the War of Red Rigdon, where Phineas the younger was slain by Benedict of Rigdon, who was in turn killed by crown prince Malcolm. Adrian would outlive both of his sons in this war, but would himself perish cutting a pathway through the armies of Rigdon.

After his death, the crown passed to his third and final son, who was coronated as Damian I.