"Well, I could hardly call myself Alfie Monger, could I?"

Alfred 'Alfie' Whaler is a human male, a resident of Tywrought and a fishmonger. He is a self-made man, going from a penniless peasant to a wealthy merchant over the space of his life-time through shrewd business decisions and calculated risk-taking. Whaler is the surname he gave himself, believing that his merchant career would be boosted by having a name similar to his trade- that of fish and fishing products.

Alfie had one daughter, named Nancy. When Nancy was aged two, Alfie's wife became pregnant again, but was lost at sea. After this catastrophe, Alfie decided to get out of the fishing business and traded in more regular goods- a much more dangerous game, trying to predict what will sell well and when, but which made him a lucrative profit.

Alfie is the father-in-law to Karstone Greatjohn, who married his only child. At the time, Karstone was an up-and-coming hero, however he never managed to progress past that slight upward trajectory, and stayed a fairly average adventurer for the rest of his life. Genuinely believing that Karstone is out earning his way to support his wife and Alfie's grandson, Railon Greatjohn, Alfie is very friendly and very proud of Karstone, regardless of his middling to weak adventuring skills.

All of Alfie's possessions and earnings are willed to his grandson, should he die. Alfie is very fond of Railon, and has taught the boy everything he knows about finances and dealerships.

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