Annwyfn, also referred to as the Jewel of Tyrrus, though most commonly known as Paradise on Earth, and named in most historical text-books as the Old World, is the grand megacity that Tyrrus created in the dawn age of humanity. It was situated in Eastern Engelain, and was said to be as great as a country- with some imagining it to be as large as the Seven States themselves, (many believe the natural divides between the Seven States showed distinct boroughs within the megacity.)

Annwyfyn was undoubtedly the greatest city to ever be built in Engelain, only the crystalline structures of the onocentaurs ever coming close to recapturing the splendour of mankind's original masterpiece. It is said that Tyrrus taught architecture, agriculture and magical alteration to humanity so that they could, united, build the greatest structure to ever be raised. Some believe that the true giants and the Engelite dwarves also aided in this labour, though for the most part they are assumed to have helped shape Engelain, whilst Annwyfyn itself was crafted by humanity alone- its greatest accomplishment.

In the days of Annwyfyn, Tyrrus would walk among man, and presumably so would the other gods- Fiara and Ciera, and their lesser sisters. It is unknown for how long the city existed, (some suggest countless millennia, or as long an Age as there has been since its fall to present day,) but it is known that it met its end twelve thousand years ago. The height of culture, art, charity, science and peace, Annwyfyn was the gem of the earth.

The paradise city of Annwyfyn would however fall, some time after the birth of Soahc, (again, the timescale between Soahc's birth and his war with Tyrrus is unknown and varies wildly from account to account.) Growing to hate the works of his father, Soahc waged a war against Tyrrus, a grand war which ended in the destruction of Annwyfyn and the death of countless millions.

The destruction of Annwyfyn is often considered the greatest loss the planet has ever faced. As a precursor culture, it is near universally regarded as the peak of humanity, and the great grace to which all kingdoms should aspire to attain once again. No labour has ever been taken since to rebuild Annwyfyn- some think such a task is impossible. It is believed the splendour of Annwyfyn was recreated, or might even in fact have been bettered, in the founding of Heaven- a paradise land completely out of the Demigod of Chaos's reach.