Brenda, known most commonly by her stage-name of Brenda Birdsong, was an up-and-coming songstress in the kingdom of Selathon, born during the 1st year of King Damian's reign. Though a commoner, her talents were well regarded, aided somewhat by her striking beauty, and she travelled the various counties and country lanes of Selathon until eventually she was invited to perform at the Court of Selathon itself. She became a regular member of the court when she was nineteen, and it was around this time that Prince Dominic, eldest of King Damian's children and heir apparent to the throne, fell for her charms.

It is not entirely confirmed that the two did have an affair, but the facts certainly point in that direction. The prince himself was twenty and was expecting his first child with his wife. Brenda Birdsong left before a scandal could emerge; it is presumed that King Damian himself had some involvement in the disappearance of Brenda, perhaps paying her off to move far, far away from the kingdom.

Brenda Birdsong eventually settled in the coastal regions of Ricklanding. There she had a child, a daughter also by the name of Brenda. News of this child inevitably travelled back to the Court of Selathon, where the daughter was presumed to be a child of Prince Dominic and was referred to as Brenda the Bastard. However, given the distance any information needed to travel to get back to the eager ears of the Selathites, interest in this potential illegitimate child waned, and Brenda Birdsong herself was soon forgotten.

Brenda Birdsong eventually ended up drinking herself to an early grave- the romantics and the poets of the world like to believe it was death by heartbreak, for longing of her one true love: the crown prince.