Brenda the Bastard is the only child of the once-famous singer known as Brenda Birdsong, born in the 21st year of King Damian's reign. Although born and raised in Ricklanding, Brenda's mother was from Selathon and had sung many times within the Court of Selathon. It was rumoured that Brenda's mother had an affair with Prince Dominic, then childless but nonetheless married to Princess Felicity of Gaules. Therefore there is a case to be made that Brenda is in fact the illegitimate offspring of Prince Dominic- a fact which gave rise to her name of Brenda the Bastard.

Brenda did not have the healthiest of upbringings. Plagued by rumours of her father, watching her own mother deteriorate in front of her eyes and give in to substance abuse, Brenda herself became a rebellious and hot-headed individual. She became pregnant at fifteen, and gave birth to a daughter, Berthadette. Though resolved to be a better mother than her own, Brenda was nevertheless poor, working multiple jobs. She would have an off-again, on-again relationship with Berthadette's father, a sailor by the name of Patrick who would disappear for many years in his pursuit for the infamous Sarath Dral.

Eventually however, the two reconciled their lifestyles with one another and became married, and at the age of twenty-three Brenda gave birth to another daughter, this one named Bessie-Anne. Berthadette would herself fall for a sailor at the age of sixteen, though this would turn her to bitterness and develop her into an adventuress, whilst Bessie-Anne followed in her mother's footsteps and became a barmaid, though she favoured the promiscuous aspects of the job over the table-clearing aspects and soon travelled far afield for her trade.

With both children out of the picture and never visiting, Brenda and her husband sailed away one last time in search of Sarath Dral, never to be seen again.