Ciera is the goddess of the moon in the Engelite Pantheon, the twin sister to Fiara and second greatest of the planetary goddesses. Ciera was created at the beginning of time by Tyrrus, as were all her sisters, who were tasked with guiding the planetary bodies across the night's sky- Ciera having been assigned the moon. As one of the more powerful planetary goddesses, Ciera has had noted interactions with the world of Engelain throughout the millennia, although less so since the banishment of the gods after the fall of Annwyfn and establishment of the Girdle of Janus.

Ciera is sometimes regarded as the mother of Soahc, for she appears more often in paintings and sculptures throughout history, though this may be due to the fact her sister Fiara was sealed away. Although unable to physically enter Engelain, it is said that Ciera sometimes sends visions of herself via moonlight. Along with being the moon goddess, Ciera is also associated with water, music, peace and magic.

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