Cold Ethyl's Hag Den is a splinter faction of the Myrkviðr hag coven, which formed shortly before the Great Mother's attempt to summon the Hagfather for a second time, instead breaking off and abandoning Myrkviðr in order to join Soahc the Deceiver. It is headed by Ethyl, named Cold Ethyl by the mercenaries working under Soahc for her ruthless nature, who convinced three of her sisters to flee the coven with her: Glyn, Rutt and Sylvi.

The hag den, (though no true den due to having no permanent residence, instead travelling with Soahc as he undertakes whatever plot he has hatched up,) is composed of Ethyl as leader, being the eldest and most powerful of the sisters, her three siblings, and all of their children, grand-children, great-grandchildren, etc. The various hagspawn descendants of the hags make up the most of their forces, and lend their aid to the fight.

It is unknown why Ethyl defected from her mother, or why she joined Soahc's band, or how she convinced the others to follow her, but whatever the reason- it can not bode well for the rest of the world.

Members of Cold Ethyl's Hag Den:

- Ethyl, their spiteful leader, bedecked in jewellery and multi-coloured feathers, one of Soahc's lieutenants

- Glyn, tall and willowy, Ethyl's perverted and gossipy sister

- Rutt, short and silent

- Sylvi, overweight and more amicable than her ruthless sisters

- Thylis, hagspawn daughter of Ethyl, proficient in dark magic

- Ethelannia, hagspawn granddaughter of Ethyl, skilled with spear

- Ethela, hagspawn daughter of Ethyl, crossbow wielder

- Vianna, hagspawn daughter of Sylvi, currently gone rogue and working with Cirion