The Court of Selathon is the ruling body of the kingdom of Selathon, and hosted within the Brigante Palace at Eboracum. Though the King of Selathon, (currently Damian I,) holds absolute authority over the region, he is also obliged to distribute the lesser administrative tasks to any aids as he sees fit, though of course he may veto their decisions if he sees fit. The Court of Selathon is therefore made up of the king, his family, and his advisers, along with any knights or lordlings wishing to have their problems be heard or curry favour, and a significant number of ambassadors from the various Free Kingdoms and beyond.

With Selathon being the largest of the Free Kingdoms and the only one where magic is freely practised, it is often seen as the powerhouse of the west, and therefore the Court of Selathon is seen as having an equal magnitude of power and influence. The court is where the internal politicking of the kingdom takes place, where relations with foreign powers and different races are cultivated, and it is also said that the court is where the various children, grand children, great grand-children and beyond of The Old King try to win various powerful people onto their side, so that they may seize power once their beloved monarch is deceased.

Members of the court:

Damian the Good, King of Selathon and Grandfather of all Nations

Queen Letitia of Selathon, consort to the king

Prince Dominic of Selathon, heir apparent to the throne

Prince Oliverios Guttsen-Alzabeth, Trigonic ambassador

Milano Florentia, Sperian ambassador

Billy Blynde, a brownie or poltergeist, and unofficial court jester