Dwail, more commonly known to the people of modern Engelain as Dwail Shadowfoot, was a human male and Legatus Praetor in the Tyrannian Empire, overseeing the colonies and plantations of Rigdon. When later tasked with the elimination of a bandit lord that had seized the Eboracum Minster, Dwail instead decided to abandon his routes in Tywrought and declared himself High King of the West, leading a revolt against the Empirical rulers of the region and galvanising the oppressed natives, which lead to the storming of Speria and the eventual secession of Westen Engelain from Messian rule, which lead to the formal proclamation of the Free Kingdoms of Engelain at the first kings moot.

As the quintessential founder of the Free Kingdoms, Dwail Shadowfoot is renowned as a hero of the highest calibre, though of course is vilified to this day within the Tyrannian Empire. As is to be expected, the formation of the Church of Engelain is often accredited to the High King, and it was indeed decided at the kings moot- though there is conflicting accounts about whether Dwail was a key proponent in its formation, or was against the motion entirely. Some believe that his spending his twilight years in Speria, where worship of the Tyrannian Church in secret was still writhe, might be an indicator that although wishing to free himself of the shackles of the Empire, Dwail was unwilling to leave the teachings of the Church.

Dwail Shadowfoot died relatively young and without heirs, having surrendered his position of high king after the war and having elevated a local hero of Rigdon to rule over it in his stead; knowing that as an outsider he had as much right as the Empire itself to take any throne.