Eboracum is the capital city of the Kingdom of Selathon, along with being its most populous. It is built around the River Fervour, and is home to the Brigante Palace, where Damian I resides and from which the Court of Selathon governs. The city also hosts the Quanta Magilica; the greatest conglomeration of the magical arts in the entirety of Engelain, and perhaps the world.

Eboracum is also seen on a somewhat unofficial level by the Church of Engelain to be a site of significance due to the presence of Eboracum Minster, the largest religious building dedicated to the appraisal of Janus, head of the Engelite Pantheon in CoE theology. Before the secession of Selathon from the Tyrannian Empire, Eboracum was mainly known for the Cathedral of St Walpole, which still stands to this day and although officially a building of the Church of Engelain, it is often thought its Tyrrus-centrism attracts underground members of the Tyrannian Church.

In addition to this, Eboracum has to its name the great tree Quercus, as large as the Brigante Palace itself and a protected location- it is oft rumoured that a tree spirit lives within, with some tales going so wild and ludicrous as to suggest an entire colony of sprites live within the treetops, who are somehow implicated in a world domination cabal.

The streets of Eboracum also hosts the headquarters of many different guilds, which are partially sponsored by the crown in return for the production of adventurers which keeps the entire kingdom safe, (as magically inclined countries tend to produce the odd demonic invasion/necromancer uprising.) At the head of them all is the Guildmasters Hall, where the owners of the various guilds convene to discuss universal policies and to meet with the politicians and royal family.