"You see before you the new and greatest leader of the hags."

Cold Ethyl is a hag born to the Myrkviðr hag coven, roughly three to four centuries of age, the fourth daughter of the Great Mother and one of her most powerful children- so much so that she recently abandoned the hag coven she had grown up in so that she could assist Soahc the Deceiver in some dastardly scheme, convincing three of her own sisters to join her cause and taking their hagspawn with them.

Born the fourth child of the Great Mother sometime after the death of Arran, Ethyl soon became one of the Great Mother's most competent disciples, as well as magically one of the most gifted of her children. Ethyl was hostile even by the usually unbearable standards of the hags, for which she was given the moniker Cold Ethyl, in mockery of her attitude. Together with her sisters, her mother and those few hagspawn children that proved themselves worthy enough to be taught the magical arts, Ethyl has explored some of the greater extremities of the dark arts, with some believing she to be the greatest of the Great Mother's children.

During the sixty-seventh year of King Damian's reign, Ethyl was the subject of a minor scandal in her hag community when one of her hagspawn daughters, Etheldredda, escaped from captivity and fled the coven. Etheldredda was never recovered and Cold Ethyl never allowed her hagspawn the freedom to leave the trees of Myrkviðr ever again.

Three years later however, whilst the Great Mother was planning her summoning of the Hagfather, it would be Cold Ethyl herself that would leave the coven, with three of her sisters in tow, and all of the hagspawn that descended from the group of four. It would seem that she had reached some form of agreement with Soahc the Deceiver, whom she and her group allied themselves with, as she had given up the opportunity to perhaps mate with the Hagfather and produce trueborn children. Though what this deal is and why she was personally recruited is a mystery, and only time will tell if any of this ever comes to light.