Monsieur Federico Ricardo is a human male, born roughly ten years prior to the Gaulean revolution. He is best known for founding the Champions Guild, a prestigious organisation of some of the greatest heroes in Engelain. He is a self-proclaimed master fencer, though no one has ever seemed to have seen him fight. Federico iconically wears nothing but blue, and has a twirly moustache that people often think is foolish. He has a somewhat tarnished reputation as a greedy man always on the look-out to make a quick profit.

When it became apparent that the elder demon Azul had been summoned within Copperdale, Monsieur Federico sent word out to his various Guild members to return to the village, and in the meanwhile put out a call to all local residents for aid. The mute musician Siera Nilifen, who had been playing in the Guild parlour for some months now, came to the call, along with the girl Annie Wells and her priestly helper Abraxus Richardson, veteran Guild member Joric Ironfist, the halfdemon Kuro, mage's apprentice Zeddicus Spector and the drunken elf, Usimiel.

Monsieur Federico devised a plan to contain Azul- one group would head southwards to make sure a demon could not escape via the river Elopa that ran through Copperdale, another was sent to the village hall to make sure the mayor was protected, whilst a third group would be lead to where the summoning had taken place for clues. Monsieur Federico graciously volunteered to stay behind, in case any new information should arise.

The plan was unsuccessful however, and soon Azul came to the Champions Guild itself, using the magical lectern on the first floor to summon a many-handed demon, which fought against Kalsha Even'star, a valkyrie and daughter of renowned hero Br'nard Even'star. The Guild building was destroyed, much to Monsieur Federico's misery. The rest of the defence against Azul went on without his input, though he certainly took the credit for the inevitable victory against the demon.

Left without a guild, and more importantly, not able to claim house insurance due to his insurer having been killed in the chaos, Monsieur Federico was drinking his woes away when he was met by Etheldredda, who convinced him to help her recruit members for a mission to slay the hags of Myrkviðr. Monsieur Federico accompanied the group to Hamstead, bravely offering to defend Judy against a river troll which appeared in their path whilst refusing to move forward to meet it, and when they were in Hamstead acquired for them a Bed & Breakfast, before leaving the group- for Monsieur Federico is not of the adventuring kind.

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