Felicity Regal, sometimes known as Felicity Flower or The Little Princess, is the second born child and only daughter of Prince Frederic and Princess Virginia of Selathon. The great-granddaughter of King Damian, Felicity is currently the fourth in line to the throne. At eighteen she is three years the junior of her brother, Prince Aaron, but does not share his mental difficulties.

Felicity is named for her paternal grandmother, who in her youth was Princess Felicity of Gaules. In order to differentiate the two, Felicity was often referred to as The Little Princess in her youth. However, as the mental condition of her brother has become more apparent and pronounced over recent years, there has instead a name being getting traction: Felicity the Flower, or simply Felicity Flower for simplicity's sake. As Prince Aaron is considered completely unsuited to the task of ruling, many are of the belief that as Felicity is the only other child of Prince Frederic, that it shall be she who will inherit the throne. Therefore her hand in marriage is coveted by many, and the term Flower here is not one of endearment, but of establishing a prize flower that needs to be plucked.