Fiara is the goddess of the sun in the Engelite Pantheon, the twin sister to Ciera and greatest of the planetary goddesses. She was created at the beginning of time, like her sisters, by Tyrrus, and tasked with guiding the planetary bodies across the night's sky. Despite allegedly being one of the most powerful of the gods, Fiara has very rarely had any impact on Engelain. It is widely believed that she was sealed within the sun itself, and that it burns purely out of her rage, as she attempts to escape her prison. There is no concrete evidence of what it is which Fiara has done to deserve such a treatment from Tyrrus, though there are many who speculate that Fiara is the mother of Soahc the Deceiver, having helped him in his war against his father instead of staying faithful to his husband, and was therefore constrained forevermore for her treachery.

Along with being goddess of the sun, Fiara is associated with fire, passion and anger.

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