Frederic Regal is the first-born son of Prince Dominic of Selathon and Princess Felicity of Gaules, grandson to King Damian of Selathon and second in line to the throne. He is a year older than his eldest sister, Alexandra, two years older than his youngest sister, Adelaide, and four years older than his younger brother, Cameron. Unlike his father, (who had always been distant due to his infamous dislike of Frederic's mother,) Frederic is often considered a great candidate to inherit the throne of Selathon- with many believing that Prince Dominic should be skipped over in the line of inheritance.

The first-born son of a crown prince, Frederic too has been groomed for rule, though quite a bit more successfully than Prince Dominic's own grooming. Some believe that Dominic raised his son well in order to off-set his own lack of appeal, whilst others argue it is the touch of his mother, and until the Gaulean Revolution thought that Frederic might be used as leverage in the years to come for Gaules to gain leverage in the world. Either way, Frederic is distinguished as a great fighter and a noble leader.

Frederic married at the age of twenty-five to the Lady Virginia Gastonplenty, and two years later the couple had their first child: Prince Aaron. Three years later they had another child, the Princess Felicity, named after Frederic's mother. They provided a happy family unit for many years- despite the fact that Aaron has proved difficult in terms of his mental faculties. This would come to an end some years later however, when Virginia was notoriously murdered by bandits and her corpse robbed of its possessions.

This lead to a great manhunt for the bandits, lead by Frederic himself, which was very successful and gave the man much prestige amongst fellows in the Court of Selathon. The death struck him deeply however, and since then has taken on a more pious and priestly nature, than the hot-blooded warrior of before. Still, he was widely considered a safe pair of hands for the crown, though due to the state of his son some believe that Frederic might not be fit to inherit the throne.