The Free Kingdoms of Engelain is the name given to the thirteen states which exist within Western Engelain. The name derives from the war of secession waged by the High King, Dwail Shadowfoot, against the Tyrannian Empire, when the various colonies and suppressed peoples that once fell under the Empire's control rebelled against Tywrought. At the time of this rebellion, the number of kingdoms that were recognized as independent nations aligned under the High King was seventeen- since then the number has grown and shrunk, though for the last century or so has remained stable at thirteen. The Free Kingdoms have all outlawed slavery, and will put aside their crowns to elect a High King when faced with external invasion, but are otherwise divided and prone to warring with one another.

(Note that although called the Free Kingdoms, some countries such as Gaules have moved away from the monarchal system altogether.)

The Thirteen States which form the Free Kingdoms of Engelain are, in no particular order:

The Kingdom of Selathon

The Republic of Gaules

The Kingdom of Trigonia

The Queendom of Rigdon

The Kingdom of Ricklanding

The Co-Principality of Speria

The Heptarchy of the Dukedom

The Holy Sovereignty of Engelain

The Democratic Monarchy of Y'Tunn

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