The Republic of Gaules, formerly the Kingdom of Gaules and commonly referred to simply as Gaules, is one of the thirteen Free Kingdoms of western Engelain, and the most easterly. Bordered to the west by the magically liberal country of Selathon and to the east by the hag-infested forest known as Myrkviðr, Gaules has a very magic-weary culture. Some twenty years prior to the events of Into The Fire, the monarchy of Gaules was overthrown, and the very first Republic was formed within the Free Kingdoms. As such, Gaules is lead by a President, voted in by the people, who are represented by members of parliament- a mixture of heroes from the revolution, lords of the old dynasty which smartly changed sides, and rich land owners that bought their seats.

People from Gaules:

- Monsieur Federico Ricardo, founder and owner of the Champions Guild