The Hagfather, (it is unknown whether it is a single being or in fact a multitude- basic biological necessity suggests the former yet the folklore of the hags points to the latter,) is an ancient, supposedly-immortal being, which plays a pivotal role in the life-cycle of the hag species. Though the Hagfather is simply the male equivalent of a hag, it is revered as a god almost unanimously throughout hag culture. It is both elusive and reclusive, only being drawn out from the shadows of the world by high quantities of magic, (upon which it feasts,) and despite its bulk size is said to be impossible to track effectively.

The Hagfather resembles hags in name alone. Through ritualistic drawings recovered from sacked hag covens and rare, (and dubious,) sightings, it is clear that the Hagfather is much larger than its female counterparts, most likely on the same footing as trolls and ogres. It is grey or black skinned, hunched, and blubbered, with its head coming horizontally from its body sans neck. Its arms are small and resemble claws, whilst its legs are large and bulky to accommodate for its size.

It is unknown where the Hagfather goes when not seeking a mate or a feast, but attempts to locate it outside of a summoning by a Hagmother have been fruitless. The Hagfather survives partially, (some would argue entirely,) on the consumption of magic, and is said to be powerfully magical in and of itself, which is part of the reason why it is treated as a deity. This is how the mating ritual of the Hagfather is prompted- when a hag becomes powerful enough she undergoes a summoning ritual which gives off great waves of magic; enough to attract the Hagfather to her den. The Hagfather then drains her almost entirely of her magic, and in return gives her the ability to have children.

Given the fact that the Hagfather has little to no anatomical relation to hags, or sociological, and that there is such a great disparity in the number of male and female hags, it has been speculated that the 'Hagfather' is no true hag at all- instead it is some sort of parasite that has somehow included itself into the reproductive system of the hags. If this is truly the case, then there is no knowing what the Hagfather truly is or what its purpose is, nor what the hag race would look like should the Hagfather cease to exist.