A hagmother is an honorific title bestowed upon any and all hags that prove themselves able to produce trueborn offspring. Although most hags end up giving birth, this is usually to hagspawn- creatures whose father was of a different race to the hag. Due to the complexities involved in hags reproducing with their own race, requiring a ritual that exudes a tremendous amount of magic, hagmothers tend to be the most powerful practitioners of magic out of their entire species.

The domain in which a hagmother dwells is known as a hag coven, (though non-hags tend not to refer to a coven until there are multiple hags dwelling there,) where the hagmother is the supreme leader over all of her offspring, trueborn and hagspawn. They typically live many great miles apart from any other hag coven, due to either magical interference or inter-coven conflict. Hagmothers usually style themselves as Mother [name], perhaps in honour of a pagan goddess of a far-off land. In the hag world, a hagmother is essentially their queen, their ultimate ruler, and demands great fear and respect.

The greatest of the hagmothers alive today, (and perhaps the last hag capable of summoning the Hagfather,) is the one which presides over the forest of Myrkviðr, whose name has long been forgotten and is instead known solely as The Great Mother. She is one of the oldest and most powerful hags alive, the leader of the largest hag coven on the continent, and it is said she is attempting to summon the Hagfather for a second time...