A herd is the term used to describe a collection of many quadrupedal beings such as equine and bovine, derived from the centaur terminology for their own gatherings. In its original sense, a herd describes a group of centaurs that are headed by a stallion and aided by a chiron. A herd is generally composed of a stallion's family and their spouses. Although civil enough to include friends in their ranks, hostilities over mating rights tend to fracture herds until only a family unit remains. Only a herd headed by a powerful stallion and advised by a wise chiron can sustain such a delicate balance between friends and rivals.

Herds own great amounts of land within the Great Plains. If a stallion is overthrown by a family member, then they are exiled for life. However, if the usurper is not a relative, or is in fact the stallion of a rival herd, then the defeated stallion will be ritualistically gelded. Centaurs believe that only the greatest stallions get to ascend to stardom, and so the geldings loyally serve their new stallion as a twisted form of royal guard.