John 'The Greajohn' Rogers, so named for his incredible height- over seven feet and heavily built, was a man who lived in Rickslanding, and died sometime in the fourth decade of King Damian's reign. A veritable giant in a land without magic, John Rogers became a local hero and folk legend, taking on bandits, getting rid of pesky magical creatures, and all-in-all becoming widely regarded as one of the greatest people of the age. He married a woman named Ada Green, and with her had two children: Karstone and Karissa, to whom he gave the surname Greatjohn.

Though the Greatjohn later suffered an estrangement from his son, the two would reunite shortly before the Greatjohn's untimely death. Not long after, his daughter Karissa also passed away, leaving Karstone as the last of the Greatjohn family, (his mother Ada having died of tuberculosis some years previously.)