The Mother of Soahc is the hypothetical maternal figure which birthed Soahc the Deceiver, and presumably helped raise him. The ancient texts do not give such a name to this being, yet the question of Soahc's maternal ancestry has been one debated by religious philosophers for millennia. Though it is of the laymen's belief that Soahc simply did not have a mother, and was created in much the same way that Janus and the planetary goddesses were, others dispute this fact. Soahc being Tyrrus's only son is widely established in religious texts, and such would not be the case if he was created in the same manner as Janus, (though you could further argue that Soahc was the only god of the Engelite Pantheon created with free will, whilst Janus was built to fit a purpose as guardian of the Halls of Time.)

There are a few suggested parents for Soahc the Deceiver. The most prominent of them is Fiara, goddess of the sun. She is the most senior and most powerful of the planetary goddesses, and therefore a valid match for Tyrrus, the patriarch of the Engelite pantheon. She is portrayed as being fiery and enraged, qualities that one can quite easily see in Soahc himself. It is also known that Fiara was sealed away inside of the sun, though for what reason has been lost to time. Many speculate that the true reason was that Fiara was the mother to the Father of Evil, or even worse still- that she fought alongside him in his wars against Tyrrus.

Others believe that Ciera, Fiara's twin and goddess of the moon, is the mother of Soahc. She appears much more often through the annals of history than her sister, and is often depicted as morose, sombre and regretful, which some believe is an indication that she is filled with guilt for fathering such a monster. However, others argue that Ciera's more plentiful appearances throughout history is solely due to Fiara's imprisonment making it seem like Ciera has been more prevalent, rather than any actual prevalence down to free choice on both parts.

In the East Great Plains Empire which existed five millennia ago, their Queen has sometimes been depicted with Soahc, in paintings where it seems they are equals, or else father and daughter, or even mother and son. Though five millennia is too early for this to be possible, the East Great Plains Empire's queens have often been depicted as one in the same, a continuation of the line rather than descendents with differing personalities and traits. In this way, it is possible that they believed their royal family stretched all the way back to Annwyfyn, and that their queen was powerful enough to have courted Tyrrus himself.