Og is the name given to the unified pseudo-nation of the western ogre clans in the ogre hills. Og is a nation run entirely by ogres- a feat that some thought impossible. Though only very recently coming into existence, Og is already presenting a dangerous precedent for Engelain- the ogres of Og are wielding weapons and forging armour far beyond their natural capabilities. Besides, the very fact that the ogre clans could unite is remarkable in and of itself. It is a known fact that the ogre shamans will accept no other shamans in their midst- It appears that the solution is that the ogre shamans have poured all of their power into a different entity, so that all of the shamans are equal, and are instead lead by a creature they call the Big Fat.

The nation of Og, the capital of which is the Great City of Og, is currently at war with its rival nation of Ogrin, to the east. The citizens of Og believe Ogrin's use of magic is heretical. There are many outside forces flocking to Og in order to influence events- an ambassador has been sent from the Tyrannian Empire, the corsair captain Ryle Emeraldian is there to reignite a slave-trade deal, and the mercenary Timruviel Flayvirion's end goal is uncertain.