An ogre is a near-human being, generally seven feet in height or taller, of limited intelligence and great physical prowess. Ogres tend to live in cold climates, and are originally from the lands of Kal'sea, though there are many ogre clans in the far-northern reaches of Engelain, known as the ogre hills.

Dimwitted and prone to in-fighting, ogres tend to live in numerous clans which war against one-another for little discernible reason. Males and females tend to look near-interchangeable. Ogres are naturally distrustful of magic, save for their ogre shamans, whose abilities are seen as more spiritual than magical. Ogre shamans tend to adopt a greener hue and became much taller, and are also much fatter; supposedly this is due to being filled with the energies of the earth. Ogre shamans, which are always female, (by necessity or by cultural norm is unknown,) are the leaders of the ogre clans, and are said to enter dreams and give prophecies.

Most recently, in a completely unprecedented turn of events, the ogre clans of the ogre hills have begun uniting. They have formed into two pseudo-nations, named Og and Ogrin. The nation of Og has been seen wielding weapons and armour far beyond their skill to design, whilst the nation of Ogrin has magical arts that ogres would normally never indulge in. It is unknown what has caused this or for what purpose, but the two fledgling nations are currently gearing up for war against one another.