The Kingdom of Rigdon, which has (either mockingly or as a sign of respect,) in recent years been referred to as the Queendom of Rigdon, is one of the thirteen Free Kingdoms of Western Engelain. Like many others of the Free Kingdoms, Rigdon has stringent laws on magic- specifically, it is reserved only for the secret police. The current reigning monarch in Rigdon is Queen Elizabeth I. In recent years, the kingdom has become defined by the pro-feminist legislation of Elizabeth the Elder, though some believe these laws go too far- specifically, there are some conspiracy theorists that believe Elizabeth is intending on giving the throne to her daughter, Elizabeth the Younger, rather than her first-born child, Stephen.

Ridgon was originally a colony under the jurisdiction of the Tyrannian Empire. Unlike Speria, the city-state which dominated the political climate of Western Engelain at that time, Rigdon was built further inland and therefore was more concerned in enslaving the local population in order to exploit their labour for mining and farming purposes. Rigdon's expansion southwards lead to a mass exodus of tribesman into a single area, where a bandit lord would unite them all into the people of Selathon and lead a revolt against the Empire.

Instead of wiping out the infidels as ordered, Dwail Shadowfoot, the Legatus Praetor of Rigdon, decided to usurp the authority of the Empire and named himself High King. As High King, he avowed that western Engelain would no longer be under Imperial rule, and elevated the bandit lord to King of Selathon, and granted kingship to all who would join in his war. With the aid of suppressed natives, defectors from the empire and profiteering parties, Dwail lead the Storming of Speria, and thus lead to the secession of the Free Kingdoms.

Some few hundred years later, Rigdon and Selathon went to war in the War of Red Rigdon, wherein Rigdon's Prince Benedict, the king's brother, was slain. When Damian Regal ascended the throne of Selathon, a peace was made between the two nations which lasts to this day.

There was some issue when it came to the inheritance of the kingdom of Rigdon. Alexander Winslow VII of Rigdon had only two daughters, and the concept of a queen inheriting was somewhat laughable. Alexander's oldest daughter, Margaret Winslow, would abdicate her inheritance in order to marry Damian of Selathon, and so her younger sister, Elizabeth, came to the crown instead. Elizabeth herself ended up marrying a child of Damian's from his first marriage, having two children, Stephen and Elizabeth. It is suggested that Stephen is deathly ill, for he has not been seen in some years, and it seems likely that Elizabeth the Younger will ascend the throne in his stead.