Southern Engelain is the name given to the landmass which stretches out southwards into the ocean, roughly midways across the continent. For nearly the past two millennia, Southern Engelain has been under the jurisdiction of the Tyrannian Empire, and so the term has recently been supplanted by Tywrought, the country which stretches across near-enough the entirety of Southern Engelain.

Southern Engelain is bordered to the south, east and west by water- though by sailing east one would inevitably arrive in Eastern Engelain. Southern Engelain is inhabited primarily by humans, though there are plenty of nymphs, and the oceans surrounding Southern Engelain are known to host mermaids, sirens and kelpies. Any islands that exist along the southern shoreline of Engelain are often regarded as a part of Southern Engelain, regardless of how distant it might be from the central landmass itself.