A stallion is a (almost always male) leader of a centaur herd. Stallions are easily spotted, for they are the strongest member of their respective herd. For this privilege, stallions get to take on multiple wives, and decide most of all of the rules within a herd. However, the stallion is advised in his position by the chiron, a wise centaur, and so together they work in order to maintain stability within the herd. Centaurs believe that stallions which die undefeated will become a new star in the night sky and ride alongside the Great Stallion in his holy herd. Defeated stallions however suffer a much worse fate- the lucky ones are exiled forever (this generally only happens when a stallion is usurped by a brother, son or other relative,) and the unlucky ones are ritualistically gelded, and from that day on serve unwaveringly as the new stallion's honour guard.