The One Above All is the name given to the deity worshipped in the monotheistic religion of the Church of the Unified God. In this re-imagining of godhood, all gods of all pantheons exist, even if they are contradictory to one another, or fill identical roles- and that all gods are, in turn, simply aspects of a singular, all-powerful, all-knowing deity which they name The One Above All.

The One Above All is attributed with the creation of everything: the universe, all of the realms, the planets, the earth and all of the beings upon it. The One Above All is an entity of such complexity, of such incomprehensible power and scope, that mortals are only able to interpret Its divine will by creating the idea of lesser gods, which are simply facets of The One Above All's personality and greatness. By separating Its all-encompassing nature into these smaller components, mortal-kind is able to better understand the will of God.

As such, The One Above All is Tyrrus the creator and Soahc the destroyer, It is the avian god Sarcoseth and the centaur god the Great Stallion. Each of these gods are in fact not divided beings, but One greater being, but the Divine Will of God is so irrational from our mortal standpoints that we can only make sense of them through the creation of these fictional aspects.

Many worshippers of The One Above All specialise in worship of a single aspect, though they accept that all aspects are, in fact, the same overall being.

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