The True Giants are mythic creatures featuring in the creation myth of Engelain. It is said that when Tyrrus first set foot on the planet, and was deciding upon his chosen people, he first created the giants, but decided they were improperly made and so they fell out of favour, with humanity being those chosen to take up the brunt of the work of creating Annwyfn, paradise on earth.

The true giants are sometimes attributed to having helped shape the landscape of Engelain, though most common religious texts says this task was undertaken by Tyrrus- pagan worship of the true giants as deities has persisted throughout the ages, wherein the giants used earth-bound magic chambers called Godforges to bend the world to their will.

True giants went extinct millennia ago- this genocide is most often attributed to Soahc the Deceiver in his original war against his father. Although giants still live today, in the cold climates of the isle of Haydrea, they are not so large as the giants described in ancient texts, and hence not referred to as 'true giants'. It is supposed that the giants of today are descended from the true giants, as are the likes of trolls, ogres and other beasts, and that they grew lesser in the same way as humanity grew lesser with the loss of Annwyfn. Others believe that there were never true giants at all, and that this separate distinction arose from the embellished stories of giants of the past, mixed with fables and half-truths to make them appear greater than the giants as we know them today.