The unitaur is a fabled being originating from centaur culture, an alleged quasi-deity sent by the Great Stallion to unite the one thousand and one centaur clans. The differentiation between centaur and unitaur is simple, for whilst a centaur is the combination of man and horse, the unitaur is the combination of man and unicorn. There have supposedly been several unitaurs to appear throughout history, each a reincarnation of the last, sent out to perform some form of divine duty. Many different intervals are given for the time between reincarnations, every five hundred years, one thousand, one thousand and one, five thousand, etc. It seems that if such a being truly exists, its appearances are random.

In centaur mythology, the unitaur seems to fill the role of child to the Great Stallion, though whether this is a literal child sent from the heavens or a spiritual child born to centaur parents is disputed. Though allegedly mortal, the unitaur is treated with such reverence that all of the stallions of the Great Plains would willingly bend their knees to the service of the unitaur, (and the knees of centaurs do not bend easily.) It is suggested that the last unitaur to have existed was at the time of the collapse of the Casurillion Empire, and lead to the centaurs taking almost the entirety of the Great Plains as their dominion.

The unitaur has magical powers, but this is not frowned upon like magic usually is with centaurs, for they are a gift from the divine.

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